Popular Queens

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I is famous for lots of achievements during her reign. The strong queen successfully fought off the Spanish Armada against all odds, as well as discovering lots of new lands during her reign.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria is known for her part in the industrial revolution. The Queen took Britain and turned it into a rich, powerful and confident country. Queen Victoria took the record for the longest reign for a monarch in British history of 64 years.

Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary)

Queen Mary I or Bloody Mary was not the first queen of England. Lady Jane Grey was next in line after Henry VIII, but reigned for only 9 days after Mary I entered London with her supporters and executed Lady Jane Grey at age 17. The Queen's nickname came from the huge numbers of people that she killed to return England to the Catholic faith.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne was the daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. Queen Anne was queen of Great Britain and Ireland between 1702 and 1714. Her nickname was Brandy Nan because of her alleged taste for fine French brandy, she also had the nicknames of Mrs Bull and Mrs Morely.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the current queen and monarch of Britain. Taking over at the age of 26, Elizabth took the thrown in 1952. Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch who had their coronation broadcast on national television, making it the most accessible British coronation at the time.