The Windsors

King George V

King George V decided the change the family name to Windsor due to the very strong feeling of dislike towards German's at the time. King George V ruled Britain throughout the first Word War, between 1914 and 1918.

King Edward VIII

King Edward VIII ruled for only 325 days. He abdicated the thrown so that he could marry his love Wallis Simpson. A king is not able to marry a divorced woman and become king, and Mrs Simpson was an american divorcee.

King George VI

King George VI did not expect to become king, he was the shy brother of Edward VIII who only took the thrown when Edward abdicated. King George VI ruled during World War two and bravely refused to leave London during the blitz. The two princesses; Elizabeth and Margaret, spent the war years in Windsor Castle away from harm.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the current queen and monarch of Britain. Taking over at the age of 26, Elizabth took the thrown in 1952. Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch who had their coronation broadcast on national television, making it the most accessible British coronation at the time.