The Tudors

King Henry VII

King Henry VII was the first of the Tudors to be in power. Henry VII came to power by killing Richard III in battle. Henry VII spent a lot of his younger life travelling and fleeing during the War of the Roses. It was at the Battle of Bosworth that Henry killed the king and ended the War of the Roses.

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII is arguably the most well-known king of England. Famous for beheading his wives, of which he had six, King Henry VIII also had several children.

King Edward VI

King Edward VI was king but under total protection from his uncle, the Duke of Somerset. King Edward didn't live long, and was a very unhealthy and ill young man. He died at only aged 15.

Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary)

Queen Mary I or Bloody Mary was not the first queen of England. Lady Jane Grey was next in line after Henry VIII, but reigned for only 9 days after Mary I entered London with her supporters and executed Lady Jane Grey at age 17. The Queen's nickname came from the huge numbers of people that she killed to return England to the Catholic faith.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I is famous for lots of achievements during her reign. The strong queen successfully fought off the Spanish Armada against all odds, as well as discovering lots of new lands during her reign.