The Stuarts

King James I

King James I was already King of Scotland when he got the English crown. King James I was the first ruler to call himself King of Great Britain, as he ruled England, Scotland and Wales. King James was the first King of Great Britain.

King Charles I

King Charles I came to the throne when his elder brother Henry died in 1612. King Charles I was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1625.

King Charles II

King Charles II was crowned king of Scotland in 1651. When Richard Cromwell, who was lord protector of England at the time, was abdicated Charles returned to London. King Charles II was only 13 when he returned, but took rule over all of Great Britain.

King James II

King James II was king of England and Scotland (as James VII) from 1685 when he was crowned. King James II was only 15 when he escaped to France in 1648 disguised as a young girl. King James II was well known for trying to force people to follow his Roman Catholic faith. Because of this he became very unpopular, especially amoung Protestants, and was generally hated by the people.

King William III

King William III ruled along side his wife, who took the thrown initially, Queen Mary II. Mary and her husband James were offered the crown after James' abdication.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne was the daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. Queen Anne was queen of Great Britain and Ireland between 1702 and 1714. Her nickname was Brandy Nan because of her alleged taste for fine French brandy, she also had the nicknames of Mrs Bull and Mrs Morely.