The Normans

King William I, the Conqueror

King William I, otherwise known as William the Conqueror was born in France on 1028. He became friendly with the current English King, Edward the Confessor. He invaded and attacked England on Edward's death, as he was promised the English crown, but then denied it by the Saxon Harold.

King William II, Rufus

King William II (Rufus) was often known as William the Red due to his odd red colour and hair/complexion. William II is William I son and inherited England while his brother inherited France. William II died under suspicious circumstances.

King Henry I

Henry is the first English king of the Normans. Son of William I and Matilda of Flanders, he was crown on 6th August, 1100 at Westminster Abbey. He married twice, one of his wives was a Scottish princess. King Henry I was king of both England and Normandy. Henry I was brother to Rufus, from whom he inherited the throne.

King Stephen

King Stephen was king of England (and not Normandy), although he was born in France. He was crowned at Westminster Abbey, like his father before him. Stephen was nephew of Henry I and grandson of William I, and was elected to be king in 1135 - although he presumed Henry I daughter Matilda would take the thrown. This decision was made by a council that threw the country into civil war.