The House of Hanoverians

King George I

George I is the first German-born king of Britain. George was declard: George by the Grace of God and king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, on 1st August 1714. King George I set the record at the time for being the oldest monarch in British history.

King George II

King George II was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1727. Like his father George preferred Germany to England. Unlike his father though, King George II made an effort to learn to speak English.

King George III

King George III reigned over Great Britain and Ireland from 1760. King George III was the firstHanoverian monarch to be born in England. Notably, King George III was the first monarch since Queen Anne to put Britain before Germany, or Hanover.

King George IV

King George IV became king in 1820, before that he was regent, and acting king, while his father was ill and suffering fits of madness. The King built Brighton's pavilion.

King William IV

King William IV was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1830. The King became known as the Sailor King after joining the navy from just 13 years old. During his reign King William IV saw the passing of the infamous Reform Act of 1832.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria is known for her part in the industrial revolution. The Queen took Britain and turned it into a rich, powerful and confident country. Queen Victoria took the record for the longest reign for a monarch in British history of 64 years.